Peanut Roasted Dry Salted

This product contains high-quality Australian Peanuts. Roasted and lightly salted, they give a savory aroma and nutty flavor. These peanuts are grown without the use of chemicals and they are preservative-free. These roasted salted Peanuts are perfectly suited for snacking, making fresh ground nut butter, and for recipes. It makes a wonderful addition to any pantry.


Product Name Peanut Roasted Dry Salted
Ingredients Raw Peanut, Salt
Microbiological Specifications Total Plate Count <10000 cfu per gram

Coliforms <10 cuf per gram

E Coli <1 mpn per gram

Salmonella –Not detected In 25 grams

Nutritional Panel Information
Nutrition Information

Servings per package: (varies depending on package weight)

Serving Size: 100 gm

Average Quantity per 100 g
Energy 2700kJ
Protein 30.4g
Fat, total

– saturated




– sugars



Sodium 7mg
Genetically modified foods present Nil known
Potential Allergens (product or processing) Product: Peanut


Physical Appearance Colour – brown skin with a cream flesh Flavour – typical of salted peanuts.

Texture – firm and crunchy

Size – Round
Weight(s) 400 gm
Type of Packaging Airtight
Intended Use To be consumed by the general population without further processing.
Standard Packaging for Delivery In sealed packaging
Recommended Storage Conditions An ideal condition for storing roasted peanuts is 60-70% RH (relative humidity) at 4 – 12oC.
Shelf Life (packaged product)  

9 months under recommended storage conditions

Country of Origin (List % if >1 country)  


Quality High quality
Target Groups General population
Customer Preparation None required
Sensitive Populations Tree nut, peanut, gluten, lupin and sesame seed intolerant
Labelling Requirements Labelled in accordance with the FSANZ Food Standards Code
Delivery Methods Delivery vehicle at ambient temperature stored separately from chemicals or other substances that may present potential for cross contamination.
Foreign Materials Shell, husk, stone, stick, embedded shell, plastic, metal and glass
Delivery Same day Within 24 hours

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